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Wide Application Of Display Rack In Business

Oct 27, 2017

Display props now in the commercial display design industry has been widely used, display props in the design not only highlight the advantages of the product, but also focus on the embodiment of the brand image. From the aspect of space design, display props are mainly used in decorating space, with the collocation of main body space and the creation of space artistic conception.Display Rack 

From the perspective of products, display props are mainly used to foil products, with lighting to create visual impact, highlighting the brand level of products and facilitate the selection of customers. In a broad sense, all items, including the business presentation environment, are used to showcase products, enhance brand image, and display product advantages.Display Rack Humanities display including Science Museum, Memorial, Art Museum, museum, Forest Park, nature reserve, etc., its main purpose is to inherit human civilization, disseminate scientific knowledge, promote cultural exchange and so on. Differentiate from time, show can divide, show can be divided into long-term and short-term or temporary and permanent several, because of the different time of display, the requirements of the display environment are different, including the material of display, flexibility, the form of folding and so on should be considered.Display Rack From the formal distinction, the display can be divided into dynamic and static display, where the "dynamic" and "static" does not mean the display method of dynamic and static, but refers to the display method of dynamic and static, but refers to the display area. The dynamic display includes the touring display, the Exchange display and so on, while the static display is the display activity of the fixed location. From the exhibitors, the display can be divided into two vertical and horizontal, vertical display refers to a relative to a certain area of the unit or person.Display Rack

Horizontal display is a wide range of applications, many exhibitors and not limited to the same field, such as the World Exposition. From the scale, but also can be divided into giant, large, medium-sized, small display. In the case of a unit booth 9m2 calculation, the large booth display space is generally more than 162m2. Medium display space is generally occupied in 1-3 booths with an area smaller than 27m2 Display Rack