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Wardrobe Maintenance Matters

Oct 12, 2017

According to the survey, more and more people love the solid wood wardrobe. The reason is very simple, because the solid wood wardrobe is more healthy and environmentally friendly, the service life is also several times the general type of wardrobe. Take a look at the solid wood wardrobe maintenance related matters: placed should not injustice, we placed in the wardrobe, to ensure that the ground is flat, wardrobe to smooth ground, should not be placed uneven, making the wardrobe in a state of shaking instability, A long time will affect the use of wardrobe and life.Wardrobe

Often clean the dust, solid wood wardrobe surface although there are paint protection, but still have to always clean, to avoid surface dust for too long, so as to speed up the aging of the wardrobe paint, usually wipe with a cotton cloth can gently wipe the wardrobe Leaving scratches. Away from direct sunlight, solid wood wardrobe in addition to the smooth display, the placement of the location should be away from the sun's direct, otherwise it will make the surface paint fade, a long time will lead to surface paint off, affecting the normal use of wardrobe.Wardrobe

To avoid the internal damp, encountered a humid climate season, if you do not take moisture measures, it may lead to wardrobe local moldy, hardware corrosion, etc., the correct approach is placed in the corner of the wardrobe a certain amount of desiccant and not regularly replaced, to avoid wardrobe Damp.Wardrobe Plate wardrobe should not be too dry, use to avoid exposure to sunlight, and should be away from the door, window, feng shui and other parts of the air flow strong, avoid air conditioning outlet facing the wardrobe straight blown. These circumstances, in the use of the wardrobe should be avoided, otherwise it is easy to cause wardrobe deformation. In addition, the plate placed inside the wardrobe and hanging clothes to moderate, must not hard squeeze the hard plug, a long time the closet of hardware, laminates and so will be a problem, thus affecting the normal use of wardrobe.Wardrobe