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Wardrobe Industry Competition By "price" To "brand" The Transformation

Sep 11, 2015

For larger wardrobe enterprises should focus on shaping the brand image, bigger and stronger brand. Because businesses that only single before, are generally and decoration companies, directly connected single, rarely seen in the market with their agents, franchises. If you want a better doubles as a retail single, should also focus on the individual needs of consumers, the image of the store settings, each phase of the service, branding and other aspects, its consumer brand recognition.

After more than 10 years of development, China closet industry has experienced by "competition" to "brand" the changes. At present, some wardrobe enterprises began in the key--more service-oriented professional and humane.

Founding brand Sofia home custom closet, a principal believes that wardrobe is custom products are daily exposed to household products, consumers choose the wardrobe in the course of, the products of concern is very high. From the preliminary measurement, product design, the next single late manufacture to installation and maintenance, service throughout the entire process of wardrobe purchase. Services on behalf of the brand's commitment to customers, representing the brand's integrity and strength. Therefore, Sophia Enterprise always attaches great importance to service quality, attention to user experience.