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Wardrobe Fabric Composition

Sep 26, 2017

     Customize a private wardrobe of your own, so that all the decisions are in your hands-what size, color and style you have in mind, make your favorite bags, shoes, accessories and every sweater can find their place. Because the E0 grade plate is formaldehyde released the least, so it is considered a healthy plate.Wardrobe

     Even some E0-grade plate, environmental indicators and fresh wood is the same, formaldehyde emission is even lower than Apple, so called "environmentally friendly board like Apple."Wardrobe

    Look at the wardrobe with the veneer of the plate to mention the melamine. A lot of people will think, poisonous ah, that what melamine milk, actually not like this. In man-made plates, many of the veneer are melamine. And the effect is very good. Here, melamine panels are harmless. Because Melamine panel is the panel paper impregnated with melamine gum, after curing by high temperature and high pressure is basically no volatile harmful ingredient.Wardrobe

    There are also some plates look good, then because of stickers styrofoam paper and gorgeous paper, or solid wood stickers. Such a good look is good-looking, but not very environmental protection, because also on top of a layer of paint and other paint to be volatile formaldehyde if this paint quality is a little worse, formaldehyde will be severe.Wardrobe

    The Interior Cupboard board movable design wardrobe, uses the movable board more. According to your specific needs, arbitrary to adjust the closet space interval, greatly improve adaptability and variability.Wardrobe