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Wardrobe Enterprises To Chinese-made Line Information Is Essential

Sep 11, 2015

This year, apart from "Internet +", the "made in China" 2025 "is also a great discussion topic of the home building industry. Over the years, in product manufacturing, home building materials industry in China encounter the consumer must be a crisis of confidence, no competitive advantage in the international market to speak of. "Made in China" 2025 "appearance, and promote the transformation and upgrading of furniture companies, including wardrobe. Meanwhile, insiders pointed out that traditional enterprise transformation and information is essential.

Under the influence of real estate industry in the upper reaches, the home furnishings industry in recent years has been tepid. Especially in the field of traditional furniture, building materials, more constant message that came out of factory closures, cold market adds a touch of austere color seems cliché "transition" has to the immediate moment. Re-orient, reforming enterprise with new thinking, also to take into consideration the interests of traditional channels. High market share, huge volumes of traditional businesses, transformation is a difficult technical work.

Industry insiders said, all planning assumptions are good, but to be smoothly realized, had to rely on information technology. "Traditional enterprises from the manufacturing factory for information factory. "Through information technology build CNC systems to meet individual and diverse production requirements; using more machinery to replace manual, labor cost savings, improve efficiency, reduce the human error factor. Growing this year in labor cost, material cost, information is made in China ... Meanwhile, large data to understand market needs, use of information technology through production and store, implement the design chain and supply chain synchronization, faster and better services to consumers, in order to create a new model according to market laws, firmly grasp the market demand.