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Wardrobe Detail Craft

Aug 16, 2017

     Things are very difficult to perfect, including our thoughtful buy new house, more or less have unsatisfactory place, then home meet the various types of problems how to do? But the method is always more than the problem, who does not have a beam and column, concave position trouble? But if this problem is not solved, the room looks ugly enough. Custom wardrobe design, has the color value also has the function, to see how the custom wardrobe hold the tenant type flaw. The bedroom door to the right, there is a concave position, it is difficult to buy a one-to-one finished furniture to fill it. The designer has accurately measured the concave size, designed a "fit" corner wardrobe, will fill the concave position, at the same time for the bedroom made a super strong storage closet.Wardrobe
     Many owners cry that there is a "pit" on the Wall (wall concave), it is difficult to engage. According to the depth of the concave position, the spirit body customized a door to the top wardrobe, the concave position is well filled, looks flat, unified. In the bedroom, there is a beam on the wall of the end of the bed, which affects the beauty of the whole space. The designer will be the TV cabinet + wardrobe combination design, with a coherent top cabinet to cover the beam, the whole wall is beautiful, the practicality is greatly improved. The room appeared pillar God horse's most annoying, you see, a door in the position of a pillar blocked your way. With a closet to fill the space between the columns and the walls, the closet in the bedroom was magically born.Wardrobe
     Whether the craft is fine is the most important thing to see: A. The edge of the board. Machine sealing edge generally uniform, can not see the black line and serrated printing, and manual sealing edge will have some coarse, will hang injury clothing, especially precious silk, good sealing edge is generally the same color and thickness in 1.5-2mm; B. Whether the backplane is slotted, to ensure stability, backplane fixed best not to use nail nails, long time easy to rust, affecting the wardrobe life. Wardrobe
     Brand wardrobe of the pulley is generally selected carbon glass fiber, with ball bearings, with a dry lubricant ester, push-pull when there is little noise. In addition, a good pulley is often designed with two jump-proof devices to ensure that the door is safe to glide. There is only one anti-jump device or a pulley without an anti-jump device, and the door is easy to derail when used.Wardrobe