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Wardrobe Design Size Data Aggregation

Aug 12, 2017

             We all know that the main function of the cabinet is three: one is hanging trousers, hanging a coat, hanging a coat (above these three spaces is to install the clothes pole); the second is to save the quilt, keep the shoe box, keep the backpack (the three space behind the design into a blank lattice on the line); Three is in the closet bottom design one to two small drawer (with the lock).Wardrobe

             1, the upper area (between the top of the wardrobe and the middle area) is the place where the quilt is stored, and can be stored in some small size backpacks. 2, the middle area (with the owner raised to reach the highest height, flexible grasp) hanging trousers, tops, coats, coats on one side, trousers and jackets on the other side. 3. The lower area (between the wardrobe floor and the middle area) is suitable for storing the shoe box, making the drawer, also can store some commonly used knapsack.Wardrobe

             Wardrobe Depth Size: the depth of the coat cabinet is generally 55-60 centimeters. If the space is not particularly tense, the recommended choice of 60 cm depth is better, and 55 and 60 centimeters manufacturers charge is the same, but you hang clothes feeling is not the same.Wardrobe

            Hanging coat Height: the height of the hanging coat is 140 cm enough. Practice has proved that the longest robe hanging height also less than 140 centimeters, long down jacket 130 centimeters, suit storage bag is 120 centimeters long. Hanging space to do just enough, with different storage space, hanging space to leave much is also a waste.

            Height of the hanging coat: the height of the hanging coat is between 85-95 centimeters. 90 centimeters of high spatial utilization is quite sufficient, if you want to be slightly looser, add up to 95 centimeters is enough. Height of trousers hanging: the height of the trousers is between 80-90 centimeters. 80 centimeters of height all the trousers are folded up, no problem. The most practical way is to use the hang clothes pole, and then hang the trousers with the hanger. Even if you hang a pair of pants, don't worry about space enough!Wardrobe