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Wardrobe Design Layout

Oct 27, 2017

In the bedroom decoration preparation, we must first consider the whole wardrobe this important furniture category. Because the whole closet is one of the most important furniture in the bedroom, its design also has an inseparable relationship with the size, shape and structure of the bedroom.Wardrobe 

The structure of the bedroom largely determines the width of the whole wardrobe and the design of the interior space structure of the cabinet, for the actual wardrobe space can be enough to use, perhaps in the decoration design and change the room pattern, after all, everyone has a lot of clothing, and even consider the storage (quilts, etc.) needs.Wardrobe

The whole wardrobe belongs to the bulky furniture, and its position directly affects the overall space layout of the bedroom. The size of its custom-made width will affect the bed, bedside table, dresser and other household items placed position, size positioning.Wardrobe

Based on the overall style of the bedroom and the theme tone of the match, the principle of reciprocity, should be in advance to choose the overall wardrobe of the cabinet color, wardrobe sliding door style, panel color and want to choose the floor, bedstead, bedspread (single), curtains and other household products color, style coordination. If it is the irregular huxing, then you must customize the wardrobe, and custom open one-font wardrobe is more suitable. In order to dust shading, such as in the case of the inability to customize the cabinet door, you can choose to install curtains on the rails as a cover to meet our daily needs.Wardrobe

If the pattern is irregular, and there are corners or pillars of the beam, and so on, custom corner wardrobe will be more suitable than a single flat door closet and door closet, corner cabinets are generally open door design, corner and pillars surrounding, to maximize space utilization. A major feature of the heightening wardrobe is that it can be top. Expand the space up, make full use of the extra space at the top to facilitate the placement of household items that are not commonly used. At the same time, it is convenient to clean the health.Wardrobe