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Wardrobe Board Material

Jun 08, 2017

    Wo Hong board (also known as the original plate) is a new eco-friendly, environmentally friendly man-made sheet, from the nature of rice and wheat and other crops as the main raw material to formaldehyde-free polyurethane bio-adhesive for the use of national adhesive Level advanced patented technology developed from.Wardrobe

    Wo Hong board Uses: Widely used in interior decoration cabinet decoration, furniture manufacturing, flooring, kitchen cabinets, sound-absorbing panels, writing boards, drawing boards and packaging materials, wood is an ideal alternative to wood-based panels. Wo Hong plate water swelling rate was significantly smaller than the ordinary plate, boiled still maintain a high strength and has a high moisture resistance coefficient, while the ordinary plate is breaking a broken, high expansion rate. And boiled, Wo Hong board basically no deformation, smell the fragrance of the barley tea is similar to the ordinary plate moisture swelling deformation, formaldehyde dissolved in water, emitting a pungent smell of unpleasant.

    Wo Hong board environment-friendly: the use of a safe MDI eco-gel as a binder for the manufacture of sheet metal, and made MDI manufacturing straw board of the national patent. MDI glue is a widely used frontier polymer synthesis of raw materials, its excellent safety and stability, and even can be used for artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liner, Lycra fiber and other security requirements of high areas, from the source to prevent Formaldehyde release. The general plate of formaldehyde source is mainly used in the production process of the glue, all ordinary glue is formaldehyde as raw material synthesis, each manufacturing a standard plate, need to use about 4 kg formaldehyde.

    Solid wood particle board is made of wood or other lignocellulosic material, broken, sizing and special equipment will be the surface of the core layer of slices criss-cross orientation after the pavement, the hot (pressure up to 3000 Pa above) After molding a wood-based panel. After the drying of solid wood particles after the expansion coefficient becomes smaller, with strong moisture resistance. Solid wood particle board, in fact, is the process of particleboard production of sheet metal, is a kind of particleboard, solid wood particle board can be divided into E0 level, E1 grade environmental protection sheet.Wardrobe

    Solid wood particle board Uses: Solid wood particle board as a new, high-grade environmentally friendly substrate is widely used in Europe and the United States furniture manufacturers, the domestic high-end plate furniture market has begun to use a large area of the plate. Good particle board wood particles uniform size, the middle gap is also very uniform. Can be repeated to repair the original hole many times, be regarded as a kind of particleboard, but the particle board can not do the modeling door, can only do laminates, flat door. Solid wood particle board environmental protection: solid wood particle density is higher, the board of wood fiber particles larger, more to retain the nature of natural wood, in the use of solid wood particles on the board content is generally less than 5% better environmental protection. In the course of the use of the board will begin to release toxic formaldehyde gas. State family for this aspect requires El plate per 100 grams of formaldehyde in the release of less than 9 mg, can be directly used for interior decoration.Wardrobe

    MDF is a kind of MDF, it is a small diameter logs, harvesting, processing residues and other plant fibers through a series of processing made of man-made sheet, broken, fiber separation, drying urea urea or other Applicable adhesive, and then made by hot pressing after a man-made sheet. Its density is generally in the range of 0.5-0.8 g / cm, the thickness is generally 3-30 mm. Medium density fiberboard with excellent grip nail mechanical properties, decorative properties and processing performance.Wardrobe

    MDF use: Because of its excellent performance, and is the comprehensive utilization of wood, rational use of effective ways, therefore, medium density fiberboard often used in furniture or used as wardrobe partitions, can also be used in modern decorative frameless painting Painting the middle of the border and the middle folder, frameless painting is so applied, so that life is more environmentally friendly. MDF has also become one of the most promising products. MDF environmental protection: As the MDF in the production of a certain amount of adhesive will contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, consumers in the purchase of green products, the key to see whether the use of formaldehyde-free adhesive, the proposed new custom wardrobe Ventilation is used after two weeks.Wardrobe