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Types Of Folding Shoe Rack

Jul 02, 2017

    Production materials: the thickness of the hollow iron pipe several root, three-wire tube several. Folding shoe racks are composed of two parts: a fixing frame and an movable frame. Production method: With the thickness of the hollow iron tube, three-way tube according to the schematic drawing completed, rotating the movable frame, the Folding Shoe Rack
    The relevant tee tube can be. Features: The cage is active connected with the movable rack bar, and the upper and lower frame columns are connected through the connection of the tee pipe. Compared with the existing technology, the utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple fabrication, convenient use and no Easy to lose part of the accessories, can effectively use space, but also to increase the number of layers and other advantages. If you can weld with stainless steel, the rack will be firmer and the rotation will be more flexible.Folding Shoe Rack
    Movable drying rack Size: Each height is 25CM, the open diameter is 30CM can be used separately, also can connect the combination use. At most one can bask 4 pairs of shoes 8. Specially for shoes to create a new place for drying, sun slippers drying baby shoes, very thoughtful very practical dongdong! Shoe Rack is the entrance to the entrance of the necessary household items, only choose a good shoe rack, to bid farewell to the door on a heap of messy scenes. Each person will have several pairs of shoes, how to let the common shoes and the shoes that do not wear often find their own place to stay? Then choose a simple shoe rack can be easily done. Cheap and practical, such a simple shoe rack really good, look at it together. This simple shoe rack is a bit like a newspaper stand, with simple wire enclosed in such a simple shoe rack, easy and easy to help. and slippers and other orderly place on the simple shoe rack is also very good decoration oh. Different colors of slippers, stripes, wave points, revealing a warm and beautiful home life breath.Folding Shoe Rack
    This wooden shoe rack is generally placed in the living room, it can be convenient for people to work and change shoes, but also to facilitate the arrival of the guests change shoes. Placing a wooden shoe rack in the living room is necessary for a family. This style of the shoe rack is both simple and not style, the simplicity reveals a personality. This kind of simple rack-type shoe rack is easy and generous, the compartment of the shoe rack is steel pipe, the comparison is sturdy and durable. At the same time this shape of the shoe rack You can also be dismantled in the assembly, for the use of the enemy lines you can be folded, so that the words can save space, but also expand people's horizons.Folding Shoe Rack