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The Wardrobe Is Classified According To Different Materials.

Jul 02, 2017

    Wardrobe by the cabinet body, door doors (sliding door or casement), hardware (tie clip, drawer, pull basket, hanging clothes pole, laminate buckle, trousers rack, mirror, hinge, etc.) composition. The general wardrobe cabinet body is made of 18mm thick material (particleboard, MDF, solid board, Composite Multilayer Board, Finger board) and door door (gate is 9mm wood material "UV Board, double decoration panel, wave board, Louver board, painted board or 5mm glass moving door; The general situation of the general use of 16mm or 18mm material to do); hardware for the wardrobe manufacturers, is supporting, they do not produce. There are also a small number of merchants themselves to produce wardrobe hardware.Wardrobe
    Also known as the removable door closet or "one" font overall wardrobe, can be embedded in the wall of the direct roof as part of the home decoration. is divided into internal push and pull closet and plug-in push-pull wardrobe: The inner push-pull closet is the closet door in the closet, individual strong, easy to integrate, more flexible, relatively durable, clean and convenient, the space utilization rate is higher; push and pull the wardrobe is the wardrobe door to put the closet outside, most of the house according to the requirements of the elements of the environment to customize, space utilization is very high. Overall, push-pull wardrobe gives a simple and crisp feeling, generally suitable for relatively small families, mainly in modern Chinese. Modern home decoration More and more people will choose to push and pull the wardrobe door, its lightweight, easy to use, the space utilization is high, the order process is simpler, since entering the market, has been favored by the owners of decoration, and greatly replace the traditional trend of open door.Wardrobe
    Open Closet storage function is very strong, and more convenient, open wardrobe than traditional wardrobe more avantgarde, although very stylish but the cleanliness of the room requirements are relatively high, so always pay attention to the wardrobe clean, basically people are more clothing, so home designers design an open wardrobe. To make full use of the height of the bedroom space, as far as possible to increase the space available to the wardrobe, often need to use the items, preferably to be able to reach the height, the season items should be stored at the top of the clapboard. From the structure of the wardrobe can be divided into two categories: plate structure wardrobe, frame structure wardrobe.Wardrobe