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The Main Classification Of Wardrobes

Jun 19, 2017

     From the use of wardrobe can be divided into four categories: shift closet, sliding door closet, flat open wardrobe and open wardrobe.Wardrobe

    Sliding doors also known as shift closet or "one" font overall wardrobe, can be embedded in the wall directly to the roof to become part of the home improvement. Into the closet pull wardrobe and plug-in wardrobe: pull the wardrobe is the wardrobe door placed in the closet, the individual strong, easy to integrate, more flexible, relatively durable, clean and convenient, high space utilization; plug push pull wardrobe Is the cabinet door placed outside the cabinet, the majority of the elements according to the needs of the environment tailored, the space utilization is very high.Wardrobe

    Overall, the push-pull wardrobe gives a simple and clear feeling, generally suitable for relatively small area of the family, mainly in modern Chinese. Modern home decoration in more and more people will choose to push and pull the closet door, its lightweight, easy to use, high space utilization, the custom process is relatively simple, since entering the market, has been favored by the decoration owners, Open the door to the trend. Open the door Wardrobe

The open closet closet is a traditional open wardrobe, which is similar to the "one" font overall wardrobe, which is connected by the pipe hinge and the cabinet. Grade is the main point of the door material, hardware quality two aspects, the advantage is much cheaper than the sliding door wardrobe, the disadvantage is the more space occupied. Open wardrobe storage function is very strong, and more convenient, open wardrobe than the traditional wardrobe more avant-garde, although very stylish but for the room cleanliness requirements are relatively high, so we should always pay attention to wardrobe clean, basically people clothing are more , So home designers have designed an open wardrobe.Wardrobe

    To take full advantage of the height of the bedroom space, as far as possible to increase the available space of the wardrobe, often need to use the items, the best place to readily accessible, seasonal items should be stored in the top of the partition. From the structure of the wardrobe can be divided into two categories: plate structure wardrobe, frame structure wardrobe.Wardrobe