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The Installation Method And Advantages Of Non-woven Wardrobe

Jul 31, 2017

              Cloth Wardrobe is also called a simple wardrobe, is a clothing store cloth-made furniture. is the wardrobe category of new products, its convenience, as well as practicality is supported by the vast number of consumers. At the same time, the cloth cabinet has gradually become one of the household furniture commonly used. The most important thing to use in cloth closet is what kind of cloth to use as the material. Because it will directly affect the practicality of its use, as well as aesthetics. Generally speaking, the ordinary material of cloth cabinet is non-woven cloth, this kind of material is more common. Practical effect is general. and the best-selling cloth wardrobe is the use of the sun flower non-woven fabric materials, cloth cabinets using this material relative to the ordinary non-woven fabric, its effect notch. And the use of Super thick polyester Oxford cloth cabinets, its quality is more practical and outstanding. However, this kind of cloth ark price also slightly high.Non-woven Wardrobe

              1. Diverse styles, for the pursuit of personalized life, and even like DIY hands-on operation is the choice of people. 2. Affordable, the general price of simple wardrobe between 100-1000. The price of the wardrobe is more affordable than the tens of thousands of people in the market. 3. High space utilization. For the square small space, can be reasonable arrangement, appear warm, comfortable. 4. Good moisture resistance. Simple wardrobe generally with the ground has a distance of space, can be effective moisture, at the same time interval space, can also be placed shoes and shoes box can object, for the room is not enough space, the effect is quite good.Non-woven Wardrobe

              Cloth Wardrobe Installation Method: Find the chassis, find the cloth cabinet chassis part, put them together, attention, just the bottom part of the cloth cabinet. There are some with shoe racks, we should first put the shoe rack part. First on the cloth, note that the second step is not the rest of the cloth closet shelves, and on the first cloth. The zipper of the cloth is opened, the middle sticky place also opens, bottom downward. Cloth at the end of a number of holes dug well, according to the cloth cabinet each hole to the fabric from the down, along with the vertical tube down. You can not pull to the bottom first. As a whole, put the rest of the cloth closet inside the cloth, and then pull the cloth up and cover the top of the pipe, adjust it, until the cloth looks plain and not wrinkled. (Part of the wardrobe installation method, specific style also see specific instructions)Non-woven Wardrobe