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The Design Essentials Of The Wardrobe

Sep 15, 2017

     Wardrobe is one of the most common furniture in the home, whether it is the main bedroom, or children's room, the elderly room, we can see its figure. Many times, we only focus on what kind of wardrobe is more convenient to use, but very little attention to the maintenance of the wardrobe matters. In fact, whether it is a solid wood closet or plate closet, in fact, they have a "fragile" side, we need to know how to maintain the wardrobe, so that the wardrobe can be used normally without unnecessary trouble for life.Wardrobe

     How to buy a wall wardrobe: material. In the market, most of the wall cabinets used MDF, some with damp-proof board, MDF better, in addition to look at the veneer. Into the wall cabinets hardware is also very important, there are carbon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and several other. The smoothness, wear-resisting and pressure-resisting of the pulley are also very important. Brand wardrobe of the pulley is generally selected carbon glass fiber, with ball bearings, with a dry lubricant ester, push-pull when there is little noise. In addition, a good pulley is often designed with two jump-proof devices to ensure that the door is safe to glide. There is only one anti-jump device or a pulley without an anti-jump device, and the door is easy to derail when used.Wardrobe

    Whether the design of the cabinet is scientific. Good into the wall closet cabinets, usually by different combinations of cabinets, according to the actual situation of customers personalized custom-made; drawers and shelves are free to increase or decrease. However, the reporter to remind you, in preparation for the wall cabinets, must first set the specific location at home, and then to measure the size. Because some roofs have beams, if this factor is not taken into account, it is likely that the wall will not be entered into the wall.Wardrobe

    Accessories are complete. Push-pull mirror, lattice frame, trousers frame, pull basket, l frame, whether these accessories are complete is to judge whether the design has a "people-oriented" concept of an important standard. Whether to choose green environmental protection material. The high formaldehyde content of the cupboard or cabinet material will adversely affect the health of the user. How to judge its formaldehyde content exceeded? The simple way is to open the cupboard door, opened the drawer, such as exceeding the standard, generally emit a strong stimulating smell, and even make people cry.Wardrobe