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Special Custom For Assembled Wardrobe

Jul 02, 2017

    As the masses of us, in the value of the beauty can not return to the girl, that is in their own space to spend the mind of the clever. Today, NetEase home for everyone to bring eight pink wardrobe design, so that you at all ages to switch girls feel at will. The wardrobe naturally has the individuality Lotus small louver wood grain panel design, makes the wardrobe clear and natural wood grain, fills the moist solid wood texture. Minimalist bedroom design More attention to the aesthetic and practical combination, so that the entire space smart.Assembled Wardrobe
   Bedroom lotus color wardrobe as a whole to Lotus color, more young people's sense of romantic warmth, to color, personality, jump for the style of beauty. Crystal embossed grain, soft and elegant color, beautiful environment-friendly, wardrobe curved shape rounded perfect, three-dimensional full. Wardrobe to beautiful fashion, economic positioning to meet the needs of the host, from a pragmatic point of view, pay attention to style and cultural diversity, combined with room type, to create the most perfect bedroom space. Female wind lotus color wardrobe cabinet body gives a neat and refreshing feeling. With warm yellow wallpaper and green trinkets, the whole room instantly becomes cozy and full of vitality.Assembled Wardrobe
   The wardrobe is the use of Manchurian wood carefully crafted into the wardrobe boutique, it is not only intact to retain the color of the ash wood and pattern, at the same time, its simple tone makes the city life simply. Wardrobe water pink tone like soft waves as beautiful, parquet flooring timely embellishment as pure as children, wardrobe open design allows you to feel a kind of buoyant rise and a heavy accumulation. Cabinets soft light pink tones let the bedroom full of warm, romantic atmosphere, the waist line using transparent plastic art, so that the space immediately lively up. In particular, the unique baking process, such as satin-like texture smooth, exquisite door and plastic, comparable to the beautiful, push-pull design compact pleasant people, looks exceptionally delicate, refreshing.
Apple wood cabinets, paint glass door, butterflies lingering, incense full bedroom. The wardrobe tones of pink and white blend with ease and peace, creating a feeling of lethargy.Assembled Wardrobe