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Perspective A Whole Wardrobe Of Market Development

Sep 11, 2015

According to experts, this is a closet industry development opportunities as a whole. In the case of brands is not prominent, consumers often only look at the product style, tended to ignore the inherent requirements of the product, which requires brand product differentiation, improve service, increase brand awareness and reputation.

Early stages of development, market order chaos

Because the industry is still in its infancy stage, low barriers to entry, there is no corresponding national standards in place, a number of relatively standard design services, product diversity, market confusion. Design, installation, service, and so on, need of professional support, this very lack of talent. The industry is filled with a large number of non-professional products and personnel, which has become the bottleneck of development of the industry.

According to insiders, the whole wardrobe since 2002, appeared on the market in Zhengzhou, the first best and Sophia and other brands. But with the whole wardrobe awareness becomes higher, the demand increased, brands popping up. Meanwhile, many cabinets also extend the industrial chain, launched a whole wardrobe custom services. Current custom closet has just entered the initial stage of development of the market, can be regarded as warlords and bandit groups, kid a lot.