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Panel Selection Of Assembled Wardrobe

Sep 06, 2017

     The cabinet body, also called the Cabinet Body Board, the box board, in the Cabinet function is like the human skeleton, the material and structure of the Cabinet board is very important in the whole cabinet, although the cabinets are usually covered with outer decorations such as countertops and door panels, but a set of cabinets is solid, environmentally friendly, and can be used for a long time, and most of them rely on a good cabinet. So more emphasis on the interior of the cabinet of students to choose products, it is best to start with the choice of the cabinet body plate.Assembled Wardrobe
     Usually, a good operating cabinets company, the cabinet must be their own production, in the production of cabinets are invested in a large number of equipment to ensure the quality of their products and competitiveness. In our visit to the cabinet company, many good brands are using German heroic equipment to carry out the cabinet cutting, sealing edge. At the same time, to make a good cabinet cabinets of the company also has very good production management and process. Or so, to make good cabinets, first have to have good equipment and experienced and well-managed workers.Assembled Wardrobe
     Thickness standards: General cabinet body thickness is 16mm, if the kitchen conditions are not good, such as easy to damp, easy to high-temperature, it can also choose 18mm thick. Although the price will be expensive, but because the thick plate is not easy to deform, the shelf life can indeed be extended for many years. Back panel also has 3mm, 5mm two kinds of options, mainly to see the use of the conditions and specific budget. Assembled Wardrobe
     Avoid pollution: In addition to the particleboard itself to achieve a certain environmental standards, high-quality hot-melt glue and edge banding is also very important. If used for poor glue to seal edge, the odor of the product will be very pungent, and become a new source of formaldehyde pollution. So this is also the 1th of our "Advanced production equipment" has a great relationship, not all cabinets manufacturers can do.Assembled Wardrobe