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Non-woven Wardrobe Introduction And Purchase

Jun 19, 2017

    Simple non-woven wardrobe is now very popular a more economical cloth wardrobe, although many people in the use of this product, but do not know the simple non-woven wardrobe is made of what material. Simple non-woven wardrobe is generally made of solid wood particle board, and then we introduce the simple non-woven wardrobe made of materials, hoping to help you more in-depth understanding of simple non-woven wardrobe. Simple non-woven wardrobe 1. Warp: particle board material than the same size of the density board to light, it is not as easy deformation of the MDF. Non-woven Wardrobe

    The warp of the density plate is 1M <= 5 mm, and the warpage of the particle board is 1 m <= 0.5 mm. Simple non-woven wardrobe 2. Price: MDF equipment requirements higher than the particle board, so the same level of density board price is higher than the particle board. But the MDF has its advantages, such as moisture resistance is better than the particle board (some people say that the particle board moisture resistance is better than the MDF, I have no direct evidence, but look at why do not use the particle board to do the floor to know), plasticity Do good, simple non-woven wardrobe 3. Environmental protection: MDF is a large amount of glue will be wood powder bonded together, and formaldehyde mainly in the adhesive. Particle board is solid wood break, and then glue glue, because the middle of the pores, so the amount of plastic with less, the relative density board to environmental protection. Simple non-woven wardrobe 4. grip nail force: MDF completely lost the physical characteristics of solid wood, so grip nail force difference, and the particle board is still to a certain extent, to maintain the physical characteristics of solid wood, grip nail force is relatively good.Non-woven Wardrobe

   Now generally choose to customize the wardrobe. Finished wardrobe is not no, but in many ways can not be arbitrary. Custom wardrobe can be customized according to the size of the home free, so you can use a lot of unnecessary waste of space, and now most of the custom wardrobe are very user-friendly, the general pattern of the closet can be divided into drawers, hanging clothes (divided into long loaded and Short), hangers, storage cabinets, etc., these patterns can be customized according to their own needs.Non-woven Wardrobe