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Home Shoes How To Accommodate Xiaobian Five Strokes To Help You Get

May 05, 2017

Are you a shoe control? The Shoes control not seen, but most people live in small units, no special space to collect shoes, how to do? Next, Xiaobian to bring you five strokes, to help you solve the problem of how to store home shoes.

Shoes storage trick 1: bedroom solid wood large shoe

According to the style of furniture, tailor-made a solid wood shoe is a good way, you can put the shoe inside the layered design of different height, single shoes, slippers, sports shoes, boots can find their own space.

Shoes admission trick 2: living room side cabinet

Living room side cabinet can also be turned shoe rack, that does not affect the beauty of the living room.

Shoes admission trick 3: creative cylindrical shelves

Cylindrical waste cartons can be used up, stacked on the corner, very creative.

Shoes admission trick 4: integrated shelves

This comprehensive storage cabinet for small space units, the most suitable. Left to accept the shoes, the right can be used to store the hollow basket of other commonly used items, you can also affect the beautiful shoes into a closed small cabinet, in one fell swoop.

Shoes admission trick 5: entrance of the shelter

Clever design entrance, you can make your life much easier. Entrance of the entrance is a learning, a small multi-layer shoe rack is both transparent and practical.