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Federation 2011 China Closet Industry Ten Years Ceremony

Sep 11, 2015

On December 16, sponsored by the China furniture industry association professional Committee of the wardrobe "2011 China closet industry event of the Decade" series of activities will be held in Guangzhou in Guangzhou. Wardrobe Committee as the first national closet industry organization, has been committed to providing industry and business development services. This Festival is a closet authority major initiatives of innovative services, it will be remembered in the name of wardrobe people ten years growing up in China, China closet industry ten years of glorious history.

2011 is a special year, node is China's accession to the WTO ten years, ten years is the rapid economic development of China, more is a closet industry from scratch, from there to the finishing touch for ten years. Ten years ago, China closet began her bud, took her first step in glorious; ten-year period, China closet with firm beliefs and tireless effort, innovation, progress, achievement of a decade of glory days.

Today, China closet after ten years of development, companies increased their strength, industry brands are emerging, expanding market scale, closet industry in continuous technological upgrading and innovation of business models, explored a road of stable development. I think this kind of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, will continue to lead our businesses into the new decade, will open a new era of the service industry.