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Domestic Industry In The Future Will Be "bamboo" Leadership

Sep 11, 2015

Bamboo and wood, the home industry trends appear whole bamboo home life has become a hot topic, which has spawned whole bamboo home market, with the increasing demand for comfortable and healthy life, bamboo home will no doubt become a market leader. Reason whole bamboo furniture market is an emerging market and prospects, there are the following reasons:

First of all, Chinese bamboo in the world, China is a country rich in bamboo resources, current planted area of more than 5.2 million hectares of bamboo, accounted for more than one-third of the world. Moreover, statistics from the China Academy of forestry, the world's best 95% of bamboo in China bamboo industry output in 2010 has reached more than 90 billion yuan, and has a fast-growing momentum.

Secondly, the bamboo product is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Bamboo product not only has strong wear resistance, difficult deformation characteristics and eco-friendly furniture as well as original material. In terms of price, bamboo price is cheaper than the average high-end wood lot.

Once again, consumer awareness of the people has been to move slowly towards bamboo products. Outside of people's awareness of environmental protection, this is because, there is a sameness of wood furniture has made it slightly tired of the eyeball. A survey showed that young people now more than 70%, white-collar workers, teachers, doctors, like bamboo furniture, bamboo home living environment. Clearly, the concept of consumption have changed.

Finally, the policy will promote the development of bamboo industry. Under the national policy of promotion, the State Forestry Administration and local governments will give full support to the development of bamboo industry.