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Display Rack The Development Process

Oct 12, 2017

Under normal circumstances, mobile phones and other high-tech products, with glass or white is better, and porcelain and other products should choose wooden-type display rack, to highlight the products of antique, floor display rack should also choose to highlight the wooden wood flooring characteristics. The color of the exhibition frame is white and transparent, which is the mainstream choice. Of course, the choice of the festive festival is the red color, like the postal new year's greeting card is the main red.Display Rack Mobile phone real machine display is a display for the real machine and has a burglar alarm function of the device, due to the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone functions more and more, the general counter display or promoters of the "oral" Can not let customers experience the function of new mobile phones, so the phone real machine display stand in this era background came into being.Display Rack

The use of early display of Europe and the United States, conspicuous exquisite designs and display products in the display has been very common in foreign countries, widely used in food and beverage, cosmetic, home appliances, home, building materials, wine and other industries. Europe and the United States many packaging companies also believe that through the production of display rack (exhibition rack, display stand) can enhance the technical level and enterprise sales ability. In Europe and the United States, display rack (display rack, display stand) is a very high value-added products, the use of users and manufacturers are very much. Now some of the brand customers have the display rack (display rack, display) as a regular promotional items in the system application, whether it is new products or holiday promotions, and achieved good results, to enhance the brand image in the store, creating a festive atmosphere, Increase sales, there is a lot of help.Display Rack

Exhibition rack, also known as product display stand, promotional rack, portable exhibition and information planes, and so on. Is based on the characteristics of your product, designed to match the product promotion exhibition rack, coupled with creative LOGO signs, so that your products in front of the public eye-catching, so as to increase the role of advertising products.Display Rack