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Display Rack Industry Category

Jul 09, 2017

               Exhibition Showcase: This display cabinets of the production and design requirements of the most sophisticated, not only in the producers to ensure that the best use of materials, and design requirements will be higher, which of course and the nature of the exhibition is inseparable, because the most obvious feature of the exhibition is the accumulation of a large number of exhibitors and a large number of user groups, so need to be able to focus on the user in the tens of thousands of merchants, must be in the design of some effort, including lighting, VI, tonal collocation, etc. While exhibitors take into account the nature of the exhibition will have a certain amount of material and safety requirements for the presence of business, and to be more than the presence of the market showcase production requirements to be more than a raise; exhibition showcase is mainly used in Canton Fair, Shanghai Trade Fair, exhibition hall and other regional trade fair products show, to the whole booth custom-made.Display Rack

               Mobile Display cabinets: Mobile phone display racks are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, craft gifts, crystal products, plastic products, factory products showroom, foreign Trade company sample Hall and other products display, can also be used for business fairs, and can design multiple styles, so that products show more bright spots. Mobile phone display rack much attention and the broad masses of customers and so on.Display Rack

               Home Display cabinets: The design of this type of display cabinets focus on the processing of space, mainly from interior decoration design to carry out showcase design, and in the security requirements will be higher, showcase production materials more diversified, home display cabinets in the design costs will be higher than the store display cabinets, which of course, and the user's requirements are also relevant.Display Rack