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Design Elements Of The Display Rack

Sep 06, 2017

      The layout of the shelves ' is the main content of the Business Hall layout, ' the channel which is woven by the shelves ' determines the customer's flow, regardless of the vertical intersection, diagonal crossover, radial, free flow or direct layout method ' should be reserved for the change of the business content ' in order to adjust the form of the shelf layout as needed. So a variety of modern integrated shopping malls are used in the form of a combination of ' only a few franchised stores to use a fixed form.Display Rack
      The distance between the shelves should ensure the patency of the passenger flow ' small shops facing the store door affixed to the wall set shelves is not a problem ' big food shop, department stores, clothing stores, etc. ' will be based on the size of the store to form a person's traffic, the volume of operating varieties to calculate a reasonable distance, ' generally speaking, the main channel should be 1. 6~4. The "secondary channel" between 5 meters shall not be less than 1. Between 2-2 meters. Because of the shape, volume, value of various types of goods have different characteristics ' will be on the shelves and other sales equipment also put forward different requirements ' to achieve the best display effect. According to various types of goods to design shelves ' is the current business hall design an effort direction.Display Rack
      Lightweight shelves provide more convenient, more robust design for more traditional angle steel ' adjustable board design ' can be freely adjusted storage inch height ' structure lightweight ' to store cartons, packaging, archival information, such as lighter weight and smaller size items. Medium Shelf is the most common use of a material rack ' adopt adjustable design ' can be freely adjusted inch height and spacing ' in the storage can be carried by hand to carry weight items mainly ' with a 100%-inch.Display Rack