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Custom Wardrobe

Aug 29, 2017

                The process of customizing the wardrobe is simply that door-to-door measurement design scheme-Shop selected style and color sign contract--factory under single production-door-to-door installation-after-sales service, door-to-door measurement is generally two times, initial survey in the decoration company into the construction site after one weeks, the purpose is to put forward the wardrobe or cloakroom between the installation location and how to work with the construction side of the gypsum line or the angle line and other problems and construction has a good communication, to avoid finding problems in the late to make up, resulting in decoration regret , in addition, designers can first out of the draft design, so that customers have a simple understanding, so as to save the late confirmation of the contract time, also have a family and fully consider the time.Wardrobe

                The biggest advantage of custom wardrobe is to make full use of effective space and design more humanized. It can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs of subscribers, or many drawers, or multiple partitions, but also can be added in advance to any size of the pull basket, these advantages make it more holistic and arbitrary. The overall wardrobe of the border thickness from 8 mm ~ mm, the increase in the thickness of the card groove to ensure that its doors can have a variety of styles, can be inlaid glass, inlaid with aluminum, patterned glass, with mirrors, a variety of styles, random selection.Wardrobe

                The so-called "custom wardrobe", meaning can be customized according to personalized requirements tailor-made wardrobe. Custom wardrobe is different from what everyone thinks of the finished furniture, is to make up for the overall furniture waste space and no personality as well as the site on the site to do wardrobe pollution room and can not move the cabinet after the shortcomings of a slowly emerging industry, is a customized product, so in the process is different from the finished furniture.Wardrobe