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Custom Wardrobe

Jul 31, 2017

              Beauty of the girls are always distressed clothes can not fit, bags, shoes, jewelry no place to put. As a result, more and more people have chosen to make use of the space, but also to meet the needs of a variety of customized wardrobe.Wardrobe

              A word cabinet is the most commonly used cabinets, because of a font name, the main function and use in a word cabinet. Recommended huxing: Irregular small huxing If it is irregular huxing, then you must customize the wardrobe, and custom open one-font wardrobe is more suitable. In order to dust shading, such as in the case of the inability to customize the cabinet door, you can choose to install curtains on the rails as a cover to meet our daily needs.

              Corner cabinet, is the L-shaped corner and the name, mainly used in the corner of the invisible light position, with a word cabinet. Make full use of the space around the corner, do not waste the dead corner, make rational use of the bedroom space. Type of recommendation: Medium type, irregular and corner room make cloakroom if the pattern is irregular, and there are corners or pillars of the beam, and so on, custom corner wardrobe will be more suitable than a single flat door closet and door closet, corner cabinets are generally open door design, corner and pillars around, to achieve maximum space utilization.Wardrobe

             Heightening cabinet design recommended huxing: Jump layer, or to do tatami room heightening wardrobe A major feature is: can top. Expand the space up, make full use of the extra space at the top to facilitate the placement of household items that are not commonly used. At the same time, it is convenient for cleaning.Wardrobe