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China Closet Industry Development Trend

Sep 11, 2015

According to wardrobe industry within experts analysis think, currently China wardrobe industry although also no formed oligarchs competition pattern, first-class brand Regiment also is building in the, but also like ceramic, and bathroom, subdivision home industry, also are entered brand competition stage, some has scale has strength of wardrobe enterprise as Sophia fashion wardrobe in brand and channel construction aspects input has quite big of efforts, brand image unified and construction, and hired spokesman, and mass put advertising, and Terminal store upgrade, and introduced digital marketing,, performance have quite active.

Custom closet company in a critical period of development to find and set up their own, for its own development path, the competition is very important in order to maintain rapid growth, having risen in the period building up to take off power and maturity stage of brand competition advantage. Includes the combination of strategic competition, competition, competition, services, competition, culture, competition, competitive differentiation, and so on, are worth thinking about competition, but when it comes to executive level, from products, channels, services, terminals and other areas need careful arrangements, to promote the competition ability of shape and achieve marketing goals.