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Challenge The Small Size Of The Space Limit Mini-entrance Of The Variety Program

May 05, 2017

Whether you have had such an experience or distress: the narrow entrance, the shoes are everywhere; the sofa is full of through the coat; every time you can not find the keys out, the phone ... ... In fact, the small space does not mean Immutable, even if the entrance is only 1 square meters area, as long as the reasonable planning, it can be the same as our daily happy life of the starting point and the end.

CASE1 young office workers foyer: hangers stacked free combination

In the case of space and budget are very limited, young white-collar workers need is an economical and practical hall. Relatively expensive, the larger size of the shoe, the cost is high, can be free to install the combination of the shoe rack will be more suitable.

Whether it is on the ground, hanging on the wall or superimposed, can make full use of the vacated wall.

CASE2 elegant couple's personality entrance: simple and comfortable farewell messy feeling

For the sake of life taste of the couple, to keep the hall simple, elegant and vital.

Small units of the foyers are generally not large, if you must put a wardrobe, may wish to mirror the door to do the decoration, not only from the visual "zoom" the space, but also to avoid the goods out of the messy. Cabinet doors can be separated by partition, placed bags, shoes and other accessories with accessories.

CASE3 three family hall of the foyer: custom zoning space each have exclusive

For a typical family of three, the children are still small, so debris is very much, need to divide their areas, the child's rise as a benchmark, the locker nail in his place, store shoes and toys.

The other is dedicated to the parents of the storage area; In addition, in order to avoid waste of space in the middle of the cabinet can be installed part of the small hook, used to hang keys or umbrellas and other commonly used small objects. The following are the same as the.