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Application Of Display Rack On Different Occasions

Sep 15, 2017

     In general, mobile phones and other High-tech products, with glass or white better, and porcelain and other products should choose wood-type display, to highlight the antique products, flooring display should also choose wood to highlight the wooden features of the floor. The color of the display frame is mainly white and transparent, this is the mainstream choice, of course, festive festival of the display is the choice of the red color, such as the New Year greeting card display rack is mainly red.Display Rack

     Mobile phone Real machine display stand is a kind of device used to display the real machine and have burglar alarm function, because of the popularity of smartphones, the function of mobile phones more and more, ordinary counter display or the "oral" display of promotional staff can not allow customers to experience the function of new mobile phones, so the real machine display frame in the background of this era emerged.Display Rack

     he use of the exhibition shelf in the early years of Europe and the United States, prominent exquisite patterns and display products in foreign countries has been very common, widely used in food and beverages, daily, home appliances, home, building materials, wine and other industries. Many packaging companies in Europe and America also believe that through the production of Display racks (exhibition racks, display racks) can enhance the level of enterprise technology and enterprise sales capacity. In Europe and the United States, the display stand (exhibition frame, display frame) is a very high value-added products, the use of users and manufacturers are very many.Display Rack

     However, the display stand (exhibition frame, display frame) in Europe and the United States has been widely used, but at home or in the initial stage. Mainland China began to do display racks about 2000 years, at that time in the more developed packaging in Guangdong province only 3 paper products factory design and production display. Display Rack

     In recent years, rapid development, the scope of application is also more and more extensive. Now some brand customers have put the display stand (exhibition frame, display frame) as a regular promotional products in the application of the system, whether it is new product launch or holiday promotion, has achieved good results, for the promotion of the brand image in the store, create festive atmosphere, improve sales, there is very helpful.Display Rack