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2011 Smart Home Market Consumption Trends Of Intelligent "arm"

Sep 11, 2015

Now, with the improvement of living standards, people's life more hard, healthy and comfortable lifestyle as the eternal theme of the home market consumption trends, intelligent technology Home experience is also becoming a yearning of the people for a better life. So China is becoming intelligent household industry one of the most active, the "Twelve-Five" plan smart home as a key industry, being put on the agenda.

Smart home products for consumers will not only play a role in life, they enjoy a comfortable life philosophy can also be met, it is a reflection of the quality of life. We can see: in major shopping malls and stores, with health as a selling point for intelligent shoes Cabinet as new products in the home market attention. According to the 2011 "top ten Chinese shoe brand" Enterprise style home furnishings, head manager of Guangzhou said by the Guangdong provincial quality and technical supervision Bureau, Guangdong product quality supervision and inspection center, the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Guangzhou electrical safety testing Institute Review Division for nearly six months, national certification center Guangzhou all-round and systematic testing, audit, evaluation, inspection, Guangzhou style life style life Houseware limited has upgraded version of the smart home products formally adopted the ISO9001 international quality management system standard certification and upgrade GB environmental protection product certification of furniture.