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Tips choose the wardrobe method five focus

Sep 11, 2015

Method one: touch panel

Brand products are generally edging, break, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing and molding. Edge banding delicate, smooth, feel good, horizontal even vertical joint fine, coating evenly. Small processing, but workers were modified for plate perfect.

Method two: edges, holes

Wardrobe is a very important program. As we see the wardrobe are already doing, so we can see is the edges and holes. Electronic cutting saw for professional manufacturers of computer input and processing dimensions, by size and precision computer-controlled, specifications are uniform, stable, small tolerances, and the edges of the plates do not crumble.

Method three: Rails, check hardware

Whether drawer or the other function keys, slide is a wardrobe essential. This effect is an important part of future use, wardrobe will directly influence the future use of the hardware, but also affecting the price is an important part of the wardrobe. Check activities such as drawers, door hardware, switching to flexible, noise-free, there is no collision or autistic features. Selection of the products and to check the hardware parts are met.

Method four: selected sheet, palette color

The face plate is a closet, good closet sheet Ze, bright, not easy to fade, not easy to deformation of damp, not at the edge of slit drum, is less prone to scratches and bruising.

Method five: wardrobe overall effect.

Wardrobe design aesthetic and practical significance should be particular about the combination. But customers and designers too often to care about character design rather than practical. Because some of the technology, customers and designers are not around factories, production errors can lead to assemble any size closet with obvious discomfort, this will test the capacity of manufacturers professional.