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Talk about the four key elements of the success of the modern furniture industry

Sep 11, 2015

A, innovative product design

In recent years, with more and more demand for household goods, "functional" and "personalized", and smart is always pursue the direction. So intelligent design will become the mainstream of modern furniture in the future.

Second, brand management

Current consumer brand concept more and more intense, because a good brand will bring better service, as a custom, modern furniture, is also a regular use of the product, there will be a lot of unexpected situations. So as a customer the price he was willing to spend more than the usual 15%~20% to buy branded goods.

Three service levels

When shopping for customer service is most important. Some customers are now "why should I buy a good brand products, is to spend money on a service" customers shop salesperson's attitude, and a salesperson's level of understanding of their products are customers purchasing products from first principles.

Four, marketing

As a big enterprise, their operating channels more than the domestic market, foreign markets also should pay attention to. As compared to the expensive salaries abroad, they are tailored in Chinese modern furniture prices may be lower. And foreign contemporary furniture product quality to be slightly higher than that of the domestic market, but its price can also be promoted. So as long as we put the quality of their own products, demand abroad will be more and more in the future.