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Rational consumer challenges a whole wardrobe of custom

Sep 11, 2015

With the modern consumer awareness on the rise, people's demand for products in the market are increasing, people not only emphasize the practicality of commodities, especially close attention to individual performances, unique consumer experience of life, reflect my values. This is particularly obvious in modern wardrobe as a whole market.

Throughout many domestic brands in the sale items in order to stimulate consumer desire to guide consumption, often take the form of showing the overall effect, such as an entire living room sofa to create the model, as a bed the whole bedroom, creating a study for a stylish bookcase ... ... In the face of such products, so that young people will want to have to find out what they want to feel.

High requirements on the environmental performance of

Young ideas than the prior generation of more rational, emphasis on environmental protection was also unprecedented. Will definitely look young consumers choose products and manuals, keep asking the sales personnel, until a clear picture of the products before buying.