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Home custom closet market development integration

Sep 11, 2015

As custom home integration trends, strength of brand competition strategy, accelerating the brand integration, custom closet growing favor in China. Custom closet market centrally by the spring and autumn and warring States era.

Custom closet design and service quality, very high standards for enterprise production and management strengths, its professionalism and service, support only the big brands have the strength to carry on. From the development of custom closet industry in China, one of several brand supporting the development of the industry as a whole, no doubt to the great pressure on China's custom closet, making custom closet market consolidation trend all the more necessary. Reform and innovation, establishing its brand as a necessary condition for continued survival. Custom closet brands in the industry at present and in some ways is keep pace with the world advanced enterprises, Chinese enterprises have been able to produce high quality custom closet, such as the well-known brands-Sophia custom closet, for its innovative product concepts and high quality service has won market leadership position. The brand's product type is also extremely rich, wardrobes, doors, study, living room, bedroom with sliding doors series is extremely popular products on the market.