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China's domestic industry grade upgrade, custom closet?

Sep 11, 2015

With the burgeoning of culture at home, "fashion" and "personality" become custom home most popular neologism, character customization "custom closet the most close to the prevailing concept of home decoration fashion, so, nowadays in the home market, the most powerful" custom closet "are popular.

In view of the current passion for fashion tastes, many household brands are integrated into the modern fashion custom home concept. Many home enterprises seemed to touch the pulse of fashion, gradually expanded custom home products market launch, and standardized operations and brand promotion. Of course, the public acceptance of this new custom home, apparently has been certified by a market should be, "Sophia custom closet" is in this "fashion home customization" concept in the business more successful, well-known brand.

In the eyes of consumers in the country, did not at first the concept of custom closet. 01, based on the needs of Chinese consumers, SOGAL closet sliding door after the product has been introduced into China, in the digestion and absorption of the closet sliding door design concept based on the sliding door wall cabinet, hand made wardrobes and finished closet is effectively combined, Sophia brand wardrobe design and innovation to develop a custom closet, opened the prelude of the development of Chinese custom closet.