Double Line Modern Automatic Shoe Cabinet

Double Line Modern Automatic Shoe Cabinet
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Double Line Modern Automatic Shoe Cabinet


PP Plastic and wire frame

Each cube stands for weight


Product size


Assembled by

Panel quantity

Connector quantity

Clothes quantity

17x35cm panel: 10pcs

17x45cm panel: 5pcs

35x45cm panel: 6pcs

17x35cm door: 5pcs

Connector: 24pcs

1. The shelf dividers can be automatic telescopic adjustment to the length you want, do not need to hit the nail, or stuck, incognito.

2. The specific load of the shelf depend on the firmness of the cabinet. The more firm on the top shelf, the greater load-bearing. Bearing load of the shelf generally at least 20kg, the maximum load of up to 50kg.

3. Select strong sides where you can install and use the spacer plate. Such as tiles, walls, wardrobes, shoe racks, cabinets, refrigerator, bookcase.

4. Get a leak-proof plate, small objects can be placed. Without the leak-proof plate, you can use to hang clothes, scarves, belts. Realization of multi-use, become a good helper in your life.

5. Material: Static electricity Spray pipe + ABS plastic + Matte PP leak-proof plate.